Octavia vom Wildmeister


Vom Wildmeister, established by Aziz OMUR in Istanbul, has been in collaboration with the VDD ( Verein Deutsch Drahthaar)since founded in 2002. The initail reason to start breeding was to raise the breed standarts up to the level of origin as there was a huge misunderstanding and wrong ideas about Deutsch Drahthaars in Türkiye.

There had been no proper breeding among the DD's, therefore; most of the dogs from these breedings never turned out to be as real DD's, calm, stable, all around hunting dogs. In order to protect the breed standarts and the hunting abilities to perform in any climate and any field or water, only the individuals which performed excellently at the tests with superb physical condition are used for breeding purposes. The aim is always to reach and find the excellents dogs. It is a very delicate and long term process to reach the ''excellent'' if there is any.

The lines started with ''Böckenhagen '' lines thanks to Antonius Kohues and have been developed as new bloods added into the breeding stock. There lines, besides '' Böckenhagen'', are vom Ostfriesenhof and vom Fuchsberg.

The ideal type of DD's vom Wildmeister is aiming for is medium coat, good bart and not too tall in order to maintain speed.

Our DD's used for breeding are also excellent hunting dogs. Thanks to our various fields and waters keeping variety of game, our dogs always get the chance of experiencing all kinds of hunting game as dove, quail, rabbit, woodcock, partridge, duck, geese, wildboar and roebuck.


Santo with Fox